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    Welcome to the Official Website of the McDowell Volunteer Fire Department. Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains between the Allegheny Mountain to the west and Shenandoah Mountain to the east, McDowell is located in Highland County, Virginia, home of the famous Sugar Maple Festival every March since 1958. McDowell is also a American Civil War Battlefield Site were the Battle of McDowell took place on May 8, 1862 as part of General “Stonewall” Jackson’s famous Valley Campaign. Highland County has a current population of approximately 2,385+/- residents and area of 416 Sq Miles. 

    McDowell Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD) is comprised of 3 Companies within the Stonewall Fire District. Our main station is Company 2 located in McDowell. The two remaining companies are Substations 3 and 4, located in Doe Hill and Head Waters respectively. 

Mission Statement:

The goals and objectives of the McDowell Volunteer Fire Department is to provide the best possible customer service to the residents of this community in which we serve. The variety services in which we provide are designed to protect the lives and property of the community, by providing prompt and professional services in the event of a fire, rescue, disaster or any other event in which threatens the public welfare. 

Guiding Principles:

We believe we exist to help people; in respect for all people; that people are our most important asset; that continuous improvement is accomplished one step at a time; and to do what is best for the people we protect.


To be recognized by our community and our members as: a model of excellence in providing services through education, prevention, and mitigation. A department that is synonymous with the terms of leadership; a department that fosters an environment of involvement, trust and cohesion; a department responsive to the needs and concerns of its community.

Company 2,
102 Bullpasture River Road
McDowell, VA 24458

Station and Fax: 540-396-3445

Company 3,
River Bend Road
Doe Hill, VA 24433

Station: 540-396-6245

Company 4,
Lower Fork Road
Head Waters, VA 24442

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